Skelly Click Clack Crab


💀 Unearth the Spooky Elegance with the Skelly Click Clack Crab! 🦀🖤

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Dare to delve into the shadows with our hauntingly beautiful 3D printed wonder – the Skelly Click Clack Crab! 💀🦀

🕷️ Experience the Ghastly Charm:

1️⃣ Skeletal Enchantment: Marvel at the bone-chilling beauty of this crab, featuring an intricately designed skeleton face.. A perfect fusion of creepy and captivating, it’s a unique addition to any collection.

2️⃣ Fidget Frights: Need a spine-tingling way to ease stress? Let the Skelly Click Clack Crab be your go-to fidget friend. Its articulating limbs provide a satisfying tactile experience, making it perfect for restless hands.

3️⃣ Desk of Darkness: Transform your workspace into a realm of mysterious allure! The Skelly Click Clack Crab is not just a model; it’s a bewitching conversation starter, casting an eerie charm over your desk.

4️⃣ Bone-Chilling Gift: Surprise your friends with a gift that’s equal parts eerie and endearing! Ideal for those who appreciate the macabre or anyone seeking a distinctive desk companion, the Skelly Click Clack Crab is an unforgettable present.

 Unlock the secrets of the Skelly Click Clack Crab – your gateway to a world of spine-tingling delight, bone-chilling beauty, and unparalleled design. 💀🦀🖤

Measures approximately 7.5 x 4 cms.

Weight 100 g

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