Japanese Kitsune Dice Tower & Holder


🎲 Step into the realm of gaming sophistication with our Kitsune Dice Tower and Dice Holder! 🦊

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This captivating accessory combines the functionality of a dice tower with the convenience of a dice holder, offering the ultimate gaming experience.
With six meticulously crafted slots in each tail, your dice find a snug and secure home, ready to be called upon for your next adventure. Meanwhile, the tower’s interior features a winding staircase, ensuring each roll is as mesmerizing as it is suspenseful.
Elevate your tabletop sessions with the enchanting Kitsune Dice Tower and Dice Holder – where style meets practicality, and every roll is a delight to behold. Unleash the magic and let the fox guide your fate! 🎲✨
*Dice not included.
**Pictured is Dual Silk Red Gold.

Weight 300 g

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