Articulated Baby Coral Sea Dragon


🌊✨ Dive into Enchantment with the Baby Coral Sea Dragon! 🐉🌟

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Introducing our mesmerizing creation – the Baby Coral Sea Dragon, a tiny marvel of the ocean depths brought to life! At 10.5 inches long, this articulated wonder is adorned with intricate coral formations and delicate starfish, making it a breathtaking addition to any underwater enthusiast’s collection.

🐠 Articulated Elegance: Watch in awe as the Baby Coral Sea Dragon gracefully moves its body, tail, and fins, bringing a touch of lifelike magic to your fingertips.

🌊 Oceanic Opulence: Immerse yourself in the stunning details of coral and starfish encrusted across the dragon’s body.

🪄 Enchanting Display: Create an enchanting underwater realm in your space with the Baby Coral Sea Dragon. Whether perched on a shelf, desk, or nestled among aquatic decor, this miniature marvel is sure to spark conversations and captivate imaginations.

🎁 Perfect Gift for Ocean Lovers: Surprise your loved ones with a gift that captures the enchantment of the ocean. The Baby Coral Sea Dragon is a unique and thoughtful present for those who appreciate the wonders of marine life and fantasy.

🛍️ Bring the Ocean Home: Transform your surroundings with the magic of the sea. Don’t miss your chance to bring home the Baby Coral Sea Dragon – a small, yet spectacular, tribute to the beauty that lies beneath the waves.

Weight 150 g

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