Articulated Butterfly Wyvern Dragon


🦋✨ Soar into Fantasy with Our Articulated Butterfly Wyvern! 🐉🌿

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Introducing the enchanting handheld wonder – the Articulated Butterfly Wyvern! This pocket-sized dragon boasts realistic movements and a mesmerizing blend of butterfly wings, capturing the essence of magic in the palm of your hand.🌈🦋✨

🎁 Perfectly Portable: Surprise and delight on the go! The Articulated Butterfly Wyvern is the perfect companion for dragon enthusiasts seeking a touch of fantasy wherever their adventures take them.

🦋 Butterfly Wing Elegance: Admire the delicate butterfly wings that adorn the Butterfly Wyvern, adding a whimsical touch to its charm.

🪄 Versatile Play: Whether unleashing your imagination on the go or gracing your collection shelf, the Articulated Butterfly Wyvern is a versatile companion that enchants any space with its magical presence.

🌈 Embrace Pocket-Sized Fantasy: Bring the joy of mythical creatures to your fingertips with the Articulated Butterfly Wyvern – where imagination meets portability in a captivating display of handheld enchantment.🦋💚✨

Weight 50 g

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